Joy  DeAnda

Joy DeAnda

Private Wealth Advisor

Joy DeAnda has been helping people toward and through their retirement for 23 years. She joined Anchor Private Planning because of the integrity and vast experience among the advisors at the firm.

 Prior to her current position, Joy worked at a large brokerage firm. There, she helped over 500 clients with everything from comprehensive planning and income strategies to portfolio asset allocation and investing strategies.

 “I am very grateful for my corporate experience; but ultimately I wanted to give each client the time, attention and consideration they deserve, and that is what I have found with Anchor Private Planning. I love that each client brings a unique experience related to money and financial issues. I’m here to learn about what’s most important to each individual and family I work with. My goal is to give each client the guidance they need to feel secure in their financial journey.”

 Joy was exposed to the stock market in grade school when her father showed her stock symbols in the newspaper with the daily prices. He was able to help seven children through college with his stock investments. He promoted the idea that investing in companies is investing in the future.

 “I love what the stock and bond markets can do for people in conjunction with a good financial plan. Investing over time is the way I believe people can accumulate wealth that may lead them to their financial success; that’s the goal we have for our clients at Anchor Private Planning.”

 Joy enjoys spending time with her large family of seven children and six grandchildren. She loves traveling to places near and far. At home, she enjoys reading with a cat in her lap, a dog at her feet, and her husband making dinner.