Brandi  Holmes, CFP

Brandi Holmes, CFP

Wealth Advisor

If you were to have asked Brandi Holmes, CFP® why she became a financial advisor over 20 years ago, her response would have been, "To show how just a few new habits can change the trajectory of a persons life"

Looking back, she admits it was a combination of life events that triggered her interest in finance. The first event was when her father passed away at the age of 42, leaving behind a single mother with five children.

"My mom has always been very capable and organized, extremely smart and savvy - but she wasn’t an investing guru, so when she sought investing counsel from a financial advisor, she assumed she could trust that his recommendations were in her best interest. Unfortunately, they weren’t." Brandi recalls her mother’s experience as being the first realization of how important trust is in the relationship between a client and a financial advisor.

As Brandi entered young adulthood, she was introduced to the power of compounding, and her interest was piqued. "I was amazed at how tiny steps early in life can completely change the landscape of a person’s financial future." As she continued to research and learn, her passion grew. One evening, while dining with some close friends, she enthusiastically began explaining how making small investments in a Roth IRA today could help all of them become millionaires by retirement age. She excitedly suggested that they all begin investing immediately. One of her friends replied, "You are so passionate about this, you should do this for a living."

Brandi agreed, and the rest was history. She became a financial advisor with the goal of serving as an honest partner with whom clients feel comfortable and can trust with their greatest financial goals and concerns. Today, more than 20 years later, she is an experienced and independent financial advisor who has dedicated her career to helping people pursue their financial goals.

After 14 years working for a large corporate financial firm, she made the bold and brave decision to start her own firm, based on the belief that clients wanted an advisor that worked for THEM, not for the firm that employed her. Her hunch was right, and Anchor Private Planning was born.  With years of experience in the financial services industry, she is well-versed in the comprehensive needs of her clients, whether they are young families, working professionals, or retired couples.

While Brandi works with clients of any gender and age, she has a special place in her heart for clients that have suddenly experienced a change in marital status, either from divorce or death of a spouse. "While financial planning can be intimidating at anytime, it is overwhelming in times of crisis and grief. I believe many clients choose to work with me because they know that I will do all that I can to assist them in caring for their family. I hold my clients’ hands and guide them throughout the process."

Brandi also frequently works with young families and professionals, helping them build their first investment portfolio. "From teaching them about the powers of compound interest to identifying their risk tolerance, my goal is to make investing less daunting. The road to financial freedom doesn’t have to be complicated; sometimes we just need someone to give us a map."

Brandi holds FINRA Series 7 and 63 securities registrations and holds FINRA Series 66 securities and Group 1 Insurance license. She completed a thorough financial planning curriculum at Southern Methodist University (SMU), that the CFP Board had approved. Upon completing her coursework, she passed a comprehensive CFP® certification exam and acquired several years of experience to become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.

She resides in Keller, Texas with her husband, Michael, and their two sons. As a family of adventure seekers, they enjoy traveling, snow skiing, and mountain biking. Brandi is also active in her local church and community.